about niki bruce

I’ve been working in the media, both print and online, for almost 20 years. Over this period I’ve been at the forefront of creating online, digital and social media content for a wide variety of topics from news to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, architecture, design, interiors and entertainment.

I have created engaging content from first concept ideas to final products including photographic shoots, videos, social media posts and full articles written either for SEO or engaging print stories. I’ve been involved in tertiary education at an intimate level as an industry board member and helped with curriculum development, as well as been on many judging panels for emerging creatives in the Southeast Asia region.

I have an abiding interest in new tech and social innovations, particularly when it comes to the creative fields of fashion and retail. I have a strong understanding of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and retail industries in Southeast Asia and Australia, and remain fascinated about seeing how media and these industries will change in coming years.

I’m also totally addicted to Instagram, emerging Korean fashion brands, shoes, earrings (my latest addiction) and rings. I’m known for my blue hair – obviously – and my strong opinions.

If you want to hear my opinions, you can email me at niki.bruce.st@gmail.com