Nerd Punk for Sects Shop

Sects Shop has been collecting streetwear subcultures since it opened its doors in 2014. From skater to sports, from kpop to streetgoth, and now for this season, it’s NERD PUNK. Shot in collaboration, and on location, with one of Singapore’s leading fashion institutes, La Salle College of the Arts, the FW17 video and photo lookbook is a presentation of street kids, geeky on the outside, punk on the inside.

Creative Direction/Styling: Niki Bruce
Video Director: Leona Ziyan
Videographer: JC Wong
Photographer: Jasper Yu
Grooming: Sha Shamsi
Models: Chanil, Sungsoo, Carl, Seokyoung, & Ashley
Threads: SECTS SHOP by Andrew Loh & Kenny Lim Depression

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