festive fashion shoot with a streetwear edge …

I’ve just discovered another fashion shoot I did while I was at http://www.herworldplus.com … You know you’ve been in the industry a long time when you forget a great shoot you did only a year ago!

You can read the accompanying story Fabulous festive fashion to get you in the party mood [yes, I know, that headline is terribly SEO right? You should see the URL!] to get all the info on the product credits.

Creative Direction: Niki Bruce
Photographer: Vee Chin
Styling: Randolph Tan and Ong Jollin
Hair and Makeup: Sha Shamsi using Mac Cosmetics and Sebastian Professional
Model: Saida @ Mannequin

HWP Fashion77642 BHWP Fashion78233 MainHWP Fashion78187 Main JewelHWP Fashion78166 MainHWP Fashion78120 MainHWP Fashion78048 MainHWP Fashion78012 Main beautyHWP Fashion77998 BHWP Fashion77923 BHWP Fashion77705 BHWP Fashion77694 BHWP Fashion77614 BHWP Fashion77582 BHWP Fashion77513 BHWP Fashion77458 BHWP Fashion77427 B

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