Dr Martens X Undercover collaboration celebrates craftsmanship and cinema

Everyone who knows fashion, knows Dr Martens, but connoisseurs of fashion know Jun Takahashi’s Japanese streetwear brand Undercover. The combination of these two iconic brands was always going to be a cult collaboration.

Undercover is, itself, already considered a cult brand. It is described as sharing “a mutual punk aesthetic and rebellious attitude with Dr. Martens”, and to “epitomise the essence of ‘Japanese cool’, making this new collaboration obvious to those who know.

Takahashi founded the brand in 1990; its understated and underground vibe made it “one of the ura-Harajuku movement’s most coveted secrets for many years” but since 2002 the brand has been showing at Paris Fashion Week, making the jump from cult streetwear brand to cult luxury brand.

One of Dr Marten’s longest-running collaborators, Takahashi has worked with the iconic shoe brand creating remixed imprints for almost 10 years. The Japanese designer is known for his underground aesthetic and inspirations, making him a perfect fit for Dr Marten’s.

This Dr Marten’s collaboration was inspired by Takahashi’s love of 70s cinema, informing the colour choices of the three options – black, cherry red and blue – for the Undercover version of the Original 1461 3-eye shoe that is made in Dr Marten’s original Wollaston factory.

The shoes are printed with a grid-check pattern from the Undercover archive; embossed with the brand’s signature – We Make Noise Not Clothes – and have the traditional yellow welt stitching on the smooth leather, both logos on the sock liner and come in designed packaging.

The Dr Martens X Undercover collaboration collection is available exclusively from drmartens.com.au. Follow the brand on Instagram at @drmartensaustralia.

For more information about Jun Takahashi’s Undercover, go to undercoverism.com, and follow the brand on Instagram at @undercover_lab.

IMAGES: Undercover 2022 Autumn Winter Psychophilia & Dr Marten’s

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